Unite against racism and fascism on Saturday 17 November


National unity demonstration against fascism and racism, Saturday 17 November

We are experiencing the biggest rise in support for fascism, the far right, racism, Islamophobia and Antisemitism since the 1930s. In Britain fascists and racists are mobilising on a scale not seen for decades. We must unite against this threat, which is why we are calling a national demonstration against fascism and racism on Saturday 17 November in London.

The demonstration is initiated by Stand Up To Racism, co-sponsored by Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism, and is supported by Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell amongst others.

The recent rise in attacks by the far right has created a real thirst for a mass anti-racist mobilisation in the spirit of the Anti Nazi League. Now is the time to take to the streets.


Leeds Stand Up to Racism will be organising transport down – email sutrleeds@gmail.com for more details – fb page here:


How do we stop the Far Right? Leeds Stand Up To Racism Forum

Tuesday 4 September, 6.30pm Rosebowl, Portland Crescent – fb event here



Ford Maguire Society meeting on the Leyland riots of 1917

The Ford Maguire Society presents:

The Leylands Riots of June 1917

Wednesday, 19th September, at 7pm Northern School of Contemporary Dance 98 Chapeltown Road, Leeds LS7 4BH

On 3rd and 4th June 1917, Leeds experienced some of the worst rioting in its history, when thousands of its inhabitants stormed into the Leylands district of the city, vandalising the homes, communal buildings and business premises of the city’s large Jewish community. This lecture will commence with an examination of both the long-term trends and the immediate causes of this outrage. The major events will then be thoroughly analysed and, finally, the roles of the police, the judiciary, the local press and the national government will all be critically assessed

Speaker: Dr David Beeston


Summer / Autumn meetings


The German Revolution of 1918
Thursday 23 August 7pm Swarthmore Centre, LS3 1AD

for background reading see here

The Labour Party and the struggle for socialism
Thursday 30 August 7pm Swarthmore Centre, LS3 1AD

What’s behind gun and knife crime?
Thursday 6 September 7pm Swarthmore Centre, LS3 1AD

Imperialism in the Middle East – Turkey, Syria and the Kurdish struggle for independence
Thursday 13 September 7pm Swarthmore Centre, LS3 1AD

Palestine, anti-semitism and defending Jeremy Corbyn
Thursday 20 September 7pm Swarthmore Centre, LS3 1AD

Hosted by Leeds SWP – All welcome

Upcoming events — Leeds Stand Up To Racism

Sunday 5 August – Leeds Pride – Join Leeds Stand Up to Racism and LGBT+ Against Islamophobia at Leeds Pride – join us to say ‘no to Islamophobia, no to homophobia, refugees welcome!’ Meet 11am Leeds City Museum steps, Millennium Square https://en-gb.facebook.com/events/1304051379731498/  […]

via Upcoming events — Leeds Stand Up To Racism

Brexit and the Irish border – what do socialists say?

Leeds SWP Branch Meeting on the Brexit and the Tories’ crisis…

The Irish border – A relic of Imperialism

Thursday 26 July 2018 7:00pm
The Swarthmore Education Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds LS3 1AD
All welcome

Background reading: The hard truth about the border in Northern Ireland

Standing Up to Trump


Stand Up to Trump
The warmongering racist sexist bigot US President Donald Trump is set to come to the UK on 12-14 July 2018 – we need to organise to give him the welcome he deserves!
Thursday 5 July 7pm Leeds University Business School – Maurice Keyworth Lecture Theatre G.02. Organised by Leeds Stand Up to Trump and Leeds University UCU with speakers inc. Prof Richard Seaford (British Committee for the Universities of Palestine) on Trump and Palestine, Kathy Saemian (Iranian activist) on Trump’s war plans for Iran, Prof Gary Dymski (Leeds) on ‘The Contradictions of Trumpean Economics’ and Sam Kirk (Leeds Stand Up to Racism) on Trump’s racism and the growing threat of the international far-right and Dr Diane Nelson (Leeds) on Trump and the environmental crisis.

Thursday 12 July – meet 5pm Leeds City Art Gallery / Victoria Gardens LS1 3AA
and Friday 13 July – meet 5pm Leeds Dortmund Square off Headrow
Friday 13 July – leaving Leeds 8am – tickets £9-27
For more information on above find ‘Leeds Stand Up to Trump’ on fb

Leeds SWP public meeting – Know Your Enemy – Trump, trade wars and real wars – Thursday 19 July, 7pm Leeds Swarthmore Centre LS3 1AD – all welcome



Celebrate and defend multicultural Leeds on 7 July

7th July Flyer Final version

For more information on this protest in Leeds on Saturday 7 July see here and fb event here

Leeds SWP meeting – Fascism – what is it and how to fight it – Thursday 12 July 7pm, Swarthmore Centre LS3 1AD all welcome

After the Irish vote – the fight for abortion rights

After the Irish vote: the fight for abortion rights

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
Public meeting – Thursday 28 June – 7pm Leeds Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, LS3 1AD all welcome – hosted by Leeds Socialist Workers Party

Come and hear an eyewitness report from Dublin after Ireland’s historic
landslide two-to-one vote last month to repeal the 8th Amendment and to liberalise abortion laws.

The vote was was the result of relentless campaigning over decades and of massive grassroots organisation. It was crucially a movement from below.

This is a huge victory and is of worldwide importance. It is a blow to conservative forces in Ireland and Britain that seek to control women’s bodies.
Come and hear a report of what Dublin was like on the day and join the discussion about the vote and its significance.


Marxism 2018 – 5-8 July – Central London – A festival of socialist ideas – for the timetable and to book your place see here:


Fascist EDL not welcome in multicultural Leeds on 7 July — Leeds Stand Up To Racism — Leeds Stand Up To UKIP

On Saturday 7 July supporters of Tommy Robinson plan to return to Leeds to whip up division and spread racism and Islamophobia. What is left of the Fascist EDL will be joined by extremists from other splinter racist and Fascist groups. Join Leeds Stand Up To Racism and Leeds Unite Against Fascism in central Leeds assembling 12.30pm Leeds City Art Gallery / Victoria Gardens – […] […]


via Fascist EDL not welcome in multicultural Leeds on 7 July — Leeds Stand Up To Racism — Leeds Stand Up To UKIP

March in defence of the NHS on it’s 70th birthday — Leeds TUC

Health Campaigns Together, in conjunction with the TUC and other organisations, has organised a national demonstration for Saturday 30th June in defence of the NHS in London – Leeds TUC have booked a coach down – see the eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/coach-from-leeds-for-national-save-the-nhs-demo-tickets-46735619496 […]

via March in defence of the NHS on it’s 70th birthday — Leeds TUC

Beeston stands united against racism — Leeds Stand Up To Racism

(credit: Dave Goodfield) Many thanks to the over 150 or so people who came today (Sunday 10 June) to support the inspiring Beeston together for peace and unity community vigil organised by Leeds Stand Up to Racism to show solidarity with those targeted by the firebombings of the local mosque and Sikh temple. You can […]

via Beeston stands united against racism — Leeds Stand Up To Racism

Leeds Justice for Grenfell vigil

Justice for Grenfell Solidarity Vigil and Protest Thursday June 14th, 5 – 6pm Assemble Victoria Gardens (in front of Leeds Art Gallery)

via Grenfell Solidarity Vigil and Protest — Hands Off Our Homes – Leeds
fb event

Leeds SWP meeting – Grenfell – a crime against the working class – one year on, how can we get justice? Thursday 21 June, 7pm Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Lane, LS3 1AD all welcome

Stand Up to Tommy Robinson supporters in York this Saturday 9 June

Join the York Stand Up to Racism counter-protest – Saturday 9 June 11 am York Minster, 1a Chapter House St, YO1 7HH York


via Stand Up to Tommy Robinson supporters in York this Saturday 9 June — Leeds Stand Up To Racism

Leeds Justice for Grenfell Solidarity Vigil and Protest

Thursday 14 June, 5pm Leeds Art Gallery (Victoria Gardens) – organised by Leeds Hands off our Homes with support of West Yorkshire FBU


via Leeds Justice for Grenfell Solidarity Vigil and Protest — Leeds Stand Up To Racism

Leeds SWP meeting – Grenfell – a crime against the working class – one year on, how can we get justice? Thursday 21 June, 7pm Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Lane, LS3 1AD all welcome

Book Launch – Kill All the Gentlemen

Commons, keep well your harness.  Trust you no gentlemen. Rise all at once.

  • Bill posted in Leeds, January 1537, following the defeat of the Lincolnshire Rising and the Pilgrimage of Grace

The modern countryside is the result of centuries of environmental change, but also brutal class struggle. While Wat Tyler’s Peasants’ Revolt is well known, and Jack Cade and Robert Kett are remembered for their rebellions, there are countless lesser known struggles.  Modern agriculture, the food we eat and how it is produced, is a direct result of these historic struggles. Martin Empson’s new book rescues these forgotten moments of history and places them in the context of the political and economic changes that have taken place over the last 700 years.

Book launch – Kill all the Gentlemen’: Class struggle and change in the English countryside

with author Martin Empson

Thursday 14 June, 7pm, Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Lane, LS3 1AD

Hosted by Leeds SWP – all welcome




The Jamaican Labour Rebellion of 1938

Image result for jamaica labour rebellion 1938

Come and commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Jamaican Labour Rebellion of 1938 – a critical event in the making of the Caribbean working class

Thursday 7 June, 7pm, Leeds West Indian Centre, Chapeltown, LS7 3JA – all welcome [please note different venue from usual] – all welcome


For more background on the revolt, see this article in this month’s Socialist Review

Leeds Teaching Hospital protest – Wed 6 June LGI

Please do all you can to support and encourage everyone you know to come if they can. As most of you will know , Leeds Teaching Hospitals have put together a proposal to move 2,300 staff out of the NHS into a subsidiary company, largely to capitalise on VAT savings but also to open up […]

via Urgent Leeds Teaching Hospital protest 6th June, 1pm, Brotherton Wing — Leeds Keep Our NHS Public

Stop the racist DFLA in Manchester on 2 June

Join the mobilisation against the ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’ on Saturday 2 June in Manchester here – https://www.facebook.com/events/579296435773942/ There will be a coach from Leeds again picking up 8.30am West Yorkshire Playhouse again – please book your place on the eventbrite link here or for more info please contact sutrleeds@gmail.com Leeds coach eventbrite booking link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/protest-against-the-racist-dfla-tickets-46456641064?utm_campaign=new_event_email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=eb_email&utm_term=viewmyevent_button

via Stop the DFLA in Manchester on 2nd June — Leeds Stand Up To Racism

Remembering 1968 in Leeds

Remembering 1968 in Leeds

Five people who were politically active in Leeds and elsewhere in 1968 will (briefly) reflect on their experience in order to stimulate a discussion about the relevance of the May ’68 events today.

Speakers: Sarah Perrigo, Lou Lavender, Tom Steele, Max Farrar and Mike McGrath.

Thursday 31 May, 7pm, Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS3 1AD.  All welcome, no need to book in advance, free but donations to cost of room welcome.

1968 – The year the world caught fire 

In 1968 protests against the old order swept the world.  From the general strike in France to the Tet offensive in Vietnam, from the Black Panthers in the US to the student occupations in Paris, the movement was contagious.

As the year progressed, people increasingly gained a sense of their own collective power, and the vulnerability of the ruling classes that had previously seemed unstoppable. Suddenly everything was up for grabs.

But this is not a nostalgia trip. We still live in world scarred by war, exploitation and bigotry.  1968 still has a lot to teach us today.  Come and join the debate about the lessons of that tumultuous year and hear what radical politics in Leeds in 1968 was like with a panel of activists who were there!

The meeting is jointly sponsored by the Ford Maguire Society, International Socialism Journal and Taking Soundings.


Justice for Gaza – Global Great Return March


Upcoming protests in Leeds in solidarity with Palestine –

Saturday 26 May 1pm Briggate outside Bodyshop – called by the Leeds Uni Palestine Solidarity Group and Leeds Justice for Gaza Coalition


The stories of the brave people protesting in Gaza might have disappeared from the mainstream media, but the people of Palestine continue to struggle against the brutal Zionist oppression and they demand our support.

Come to show your solidarity with their fight for freedom and justice.
Come to show your humanity.
Come to learn about the unrelenting bravery of the Palestinian people.

Leeds Palestine Solidarity with the Global Great Return March – rally Tuesday 5 June, 5pm Dortmund Square –