STUDENTS FOR REVOLUTION – A weekend of debate and discussion, 3 December 2011

Rethink – The crisis of capitalism and the scandals engulfing politicians, media moguls and bankers disclose the bankruptcy of their system. It pushes us to reject the so-called common sense we are taught, and to rethink society. Marxism can help us understand capitalism, as well as our alternative.

Resist – The revolts in the Arab world, the general strikes in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, and the student movement, protests and strikes in Britain show the strength of our side and how we can take the system on. Our strategy and tactics can be strengthened by learning from past struggles and how others fight around the world.

Reshape – The Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions open up the real possibility of a new world and a different system. Ordinary people are striking and protesting and taking over public squares, workplaces and communities. These examples point toward the real possibility of democratically shaping society along the lines of human need rather than private profit.

Join students from all over the country for a weekend of discussions and debate of struggles past and present, strategies and tactics and ideas that can win.

Speakers include: Terry Eagleton, Alex Callinicos, Nina Power, Ruby Hirsch and many many more

@ Goldmiths College, London.

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