Racism, Resistance and Revolution – meeting and booklaunch

To celebrate the launch of the new book ‘Say it Loud! Marxism and the fight against racism’ Leeds district SWP invites you to a public meeting:


Racism, Resistance and Revolution

Thursday 21 November, 7pm

Broadcasting Place (room AG 02), Leeds Met Uni, Woodhouse Lane, LS2 9EN


Speakers: Talat Ahmed and Brian Richardson, contributors to Say it Loud! Marxism and the fight against racism, there will also be visuals and discussion.


A map to the venue can be found here: http://goo.gl/maps/4SN5j


Racism, and the fight against it, has been a feature of society for generations.

From the rebellions against slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries to the struggle for civil rights in the 1960s, people have sought to overcome division using imaginative and militant tactics.

Today, as we fight against police harassment, the rabid racism of UKIP and the Tories, and the fascists of the EDL, we can draw on a long tradition of resistance.

It is a radical history of black and white working class unity that goes back hundreds of years and continues into the present.

This public meeting will counter the myth that racism is inevitable. It will show how oppression is a part of capitalism. And it will put the case for a revolutionary struggle that can put an end to both.


See a video of Talat Ahmed speaking at Marxism 2013 on The politics of Islamophobia here: http://swp.org.uk/video/politics-islamophobia-talat-ahmed


And here is Brian Richardson speaking on Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and Black Power: http://youtu.be/4FUjQYOETEY

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