Talkin’ about a revolution

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Is Revolution possible in Britain?
Wednesday 5 November – 4.30pm, Room 107, Portland Building,
Leeds Beckett Uni, City campus, Woodhouse Lane, LS1 3HE
FB: Leeds Beckett SWSS

Also there is a chance to see Neil Davidson talking on ‘Bourgeois Revolutions: Theory and Practice’
Tuesday, Nov 4th 4-6pm Leeds Beckett University, Northern Terrace (NT) 222

For nearly 100 years, between the Revolutions of 1848 and the Second World war, the Marxist concept of bourgeois revolution seemed to offer the best understanding of the upheavals in England, Scotland, France and America which accompanied the emergence and dominance of capitalism. But in the latter half of the 20th century, the concept came under increasing attack, first from right-wing ‘revisionists’ of the English and French revolutions, then more generally from within the left itself, by the Political Marxism associated with Robert Brenner and the World Systems Theory associated with Immanuel Wallerstein. In all these cases critics sought to shift attention away from violent transformations of the state and onto the longer-tern processes through which the transition to capitalist economy took place. In this presentation, Neil Davidson, author of the Deutscher Prize-winning Discovering the Scottish Revolution (2003) and How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions? (2012) will attempt to:

defend the concept of bourgeois revolution as a necessary component of both Marxism and social theory more generally;
explain how it emerged in the course of revolutions themselves;
distinguish between bourgeois revolutions and both political revolutions and other types of social revolution; and
reflect on whether it is of purely historical interest or of continuing contemporary relevance.

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