Jim Kincaid and Colin Barker on Crisis, Austerity and Resistance



With two veteran socialist theorists Jim Kincaid and Colin Barker 

 BPAG10, Broadcasting Place (this is part of Leeds Beckett University, opposite the Fenton pub on Woodhouse Street) , 6PM Monday Feb 23rd

Despite recession, ‘secular’ stagnation and deflation the capitalist system continues to exhibit a remarkable staying power. And in terms of the social costs the living standards for millions have fallen whilst the commitment to full employment and the welfare state have long been abandoned. Globally governments pursue neoliberal economic objectives that have resulted in the most grotesque inequalities combined with diminishing civil liberties and the virtual abandonment of representative democracy.

Yet with the results of the elections in Greece we might be seeing the stirrings of a mass rejection of austerity politics and with a coming general election in the UK against a shattered and discredited political system it is possible that opportunities for change are at last in sight. And to help socialists in Leeds to consider both the pitfalls and possibilities confronting us, two distinguished Marxist theorists will be proposing explanations of the crisis and examples for resistance in the coming period.


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