Vote Trade Union and Socialist Coalition – Build the Fight against Austerity and Racism

Vote Liz Kitching – the socialist candidate for Leeds Central

We are in a deep crisis. One caused by the greed and stupidity of the bankers. We bailed them out but they still carry on in the same old way – pocketing millions in bonuses. None of the other major parties will stand up to them. Indeed they all cooperate with relentless privatisation. Our sitting MP Hilary Benn supported the war in Iraq, Trident replacement and supports continuing austerity.

I say: bring back our vital services into public ownership – electricity, gas, water, rail and defend our NHS.

The crisis is worse because of massive tax avoidance by the rich; the government deals with it by cutting 20,000 tax workers!

I say: tax the rich – their income and their property.

I am proud to be active in the campaign against the pernicious bedroom tax. I oppose the cuts imposed by the Tories with the active support of Labour and the Lib Dems.

I say: we need a massive programme of social housing to reverse the selloff started in the Thatcher years. No to the cuts.

Poorer people and immigrants are being scapegoated by the rich and powerful.

I say: no to racism, and decent jobs for all those who need them.

All three major parties support expansion of our nuclear weapons including £100 billion on Trident.

I say: Scrap Trident and all other weapons of mass destruction.

I have lived and worked in Leeds all my life and my children went to local schools. I have worked at both universities in Leeds and I live in Chapeltown. I have been an active socialist all my life. I am a member of the Socialist Workers Party and I am standing for Parliament as part of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition – TUSC. Our political class is corrupt – the most recent examples being the pathetic Tory Rifkind and the wretched Labour Straw. Neither of them can afford to live on an MPs wages of £67,000 plus expenses! If elected I will take no more than the average wage and donate the balance to building the fight back in Leeds.

Liz Kitching for Leeds Central – the socialist candidate

Get involved

Phone: 07900324479.
Facebook: “Liz Kitching for Central Leeds”.

Twitter: @Liz4LdsCentral

I say and we say:
Bring back our vital services into public ownership.
We need a massive programme of social housing
No to racism, and decent jobs for all.
Scrap Trident and all other weapons of mass destruction.

Vote TUSC –

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