TUSC candidates show there is a left alternative

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) election campaigns across Britain are helping build the fightback among people who are looking for an alternative to austerity…

Gary Kaye is the candidate for Horsforth in Leeds. He told Socialist Worker, “Three years ago I stood as a council candidate in the same ward for Labour.

“But I became very disillusioned working within the organisation.

“Labour has never apologised for the Iraq war. And even before the rise of Ukip, Labour was using the race card and blaming migrants.”

He added, “Some people have argued, what is the point of TUSC? It isn’t going to get into government.

“I’m not in politics simply for what might happen in a few years’ time.

“I want to build a left wing movement for the future, not the short term.

“I think people in society can only take so much and then they start to fight back.”

Full article here:


Gary Kaye on twitter:


To help with Liz Kitching’s TUSC campaign in Leeds Central, please get in touch

E mail ldscentraltusc@yahoo.co.uk
Facebook: “Liz Kitching for Central Leeds”.

Twitter: @Liz4LdsCentral

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