Leeds Scrap Trident protest

GDAMS flier

Assemble in City Square, Leeds, at noon on Monday 13th April.
We will be walking from there to a site which is a key part of the military industrial complex to undertake a peaceful demonstration.

On April 13th people across the world will call for a shift in priorities. To tackle climate change rather than wage war, fund hospitals rather than arms companies.

The UK’s military spending in 2014 was £38 Billion – while vital public services saw drastic cuts.
Redirecting the cost of the new Trident nuclear weapons alone would solve the crisis in our NHS.
Over £700 million of public funds is spent every year subsidising arms company sales to foreignbuyers, including brutal dictatorships.
The UK government spends 25 times more on researching weapons than it does on researchingrenewable energy solutions.
This is not creating security, but fueling a global cycle of violence and instability. We say enough. We demand peace and prosperity, no more public sponsorship for torture, killing and destruction

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