Leeds TUSC Petition to Leeds City Council on housing

Petition to Leeds City Council on housing

On 1st April activists in TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) took a deputation to the full council meeting asking for the council to adopt a policy of building far more council homes (instead of homes to buy, or to let at so-called “affordable” rents which are up to 80% of local private rental rates, and therefore beyond the means of residents on low-to-average incomes). They are also asking the council to tackle soaring rents and poor conditions in the private sector by setting up a not-for-profit letting agency which will set a ceiling on rents and vet conditions provided by landlords who want to be registered in the scheme. As TUSC points out, this on its own will not solve the problems of homelessness, unaffordable rents, displacement and poor living conditions which are caused by government policies favouring corporate profit over the needs of residents; however, the council could be doing far more to ease the situation for local residents and counteract the continuing upward pressure on rents from market conditions. You can read TUSC’s presentation of the issues and their demands here.


Please also sign and share TUSC’s petition to the council here


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