Fighting Racism and Austerity – where next after the elections?

Leeds SWP Public Meeting

Thursday 21st May 7.00pm Swarthmore Education Centre – all welcome

Leeds Taking Soundings have also organised a ‘post-election roundtable discussion’ with members of the Labour Party, Green Party and Yorkshire First – 6pm, Monday 11 May, Broadcasting Place AG03

Marxism 2015

Plus remember also Marxism 2015 from 9-13 July in central London, where there will be plenty of discussion on politics in Britain after the election:  If you have not yet booked your ticket you can do so online at  or call 020 7819 1190 Day tickets are now available to book online – Call for our special rate for strikers

Marxism: the economy, crisis and resistance

This week it was revealed that Britain’s super rich are now more than twice as rich as they were in 2009. Meanwhile one in five people in Britain officially live below the poverty line.
And despite the Tories claims to have presided over an economic recovery, figures out this week showed that the pace of economic growth in the UK halved in the first quarter of this year – the worst quarterly performance since the end of 2012.
At Marxism 2015 there will be a whole series of meetings looking at the current economic situation as well as a special course on Capital seeking to offer an insight into the dynamics of capitalism.

Meetings on economics include:

  • Renowned Marxist economist and blogger Michael Roberts will speak on “Marxism and Crisis Theory: Making Sense of the Long Recession”
  • Jane Hardy will discuss “Marxist economics and radical economics”
  • Andrew Kliman will assess the economic recovery
  • Guglielmo Carchedi will ask whether the great recession was a crisis of profitability?

Our special course on Marx’s Capital will include:

  • Marx’s Method in Capital
  • Labour and Value
  • Women and Capital
  • Capital and the World Today

Plus don’t forget:

A highlight of Marxism of Marxism on Sat 11th July will be:
Syriza in power: whither Greece?
With Stathis Kouvelakis and Alex Callinicos

The election of Syriza poses some key questions for the left.
Stathis Kouvelakis (member of Syriza Central committee) and Alex Callinicos will follow up their previous debate hosted by the International Socialist Journal in February on Syriza and Socialist Strategy.
Watch their debate at

Marxism Festival will take place from Thursday 9th to Monday 13th July in the Institute of Education in Central London.  You can book for five days or just one. To help with the cost we are happy to take postdated payments and also to split the cost into installments.
Plus we provide a free, professionally run crèche and can also offer free “crashpad” type accommodation.
If you would like more information or to book a ticket please go to our  or call us in the office on 020 7819 1190.
We hope you can come and be part of the discussion.

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