Marxism 2015 – Ideas for Revolution

Marxism 2015 – Ideas for Revolution

9-13 July, Central London

Five days of ideas, meetings and debate

Hosted by the Socialist Workers Party

After the shattering General Election result we need to understand how it happened and think how we organise resistance to the Tories.

Marxism 2015 is a five day political festival in central London. It will host over 150 meetings bringing together thousands of activists, trade unionists, students, writers and academics from across the globe.  It also poses huge questions about what sort of left we need in Britain and how we challenge the racism and scapegoating of UKIP

It will be a crucial place for debate, analysis and discussion

Meetings include:

  • Why did Labour lose the election?
  • Is England more reactionary than Scotland?
  • The unions, resistance and fighting the Tories
  • How do we challenge UKIP?
  • Is the SNP a radical alternative?
  • What sort of left do we need?
  • Are the Greens a left alternative?
  • Islamophobia: the “othering” of Britain’s Muslims
  • What are there so few strikes?

Plus activist forums on:

  • Disability and resistance after the election
  • The fight to save the NHS
  • From testing to academies: is the school system failing our children
  • Organising the “unorganised”

Speakers include:

Darcus Howe, Stathis Kouvelakis, Ghada Karmi, Gus John, Michael Roberts, Alex Callinicos, Susan Rosenthal, Ronnie Kasrils, Gilbert Achcar, Peter Hain, Alfredo Saad Filho, Jane Hardy, Lucia Pradella, Ian Birchall, John Molyneux, Nicola Field, Panos Garganas, Guglielmo Carchedi, Andrew Kliman, Mike Wayne, Anne Alexander, Judith Orr, Paul Blackledge, Donny Gluckstein, Richard Bradbury, Sean Sayers, John Newsinger, John Rose, Joseph Daher, Sheila McGregor, Joseph Choonara, Weyman Bennett, Liz Lawrence, Sami Ramadani, John Parrington, Ralph Darlington, Karma Nabulsi, Christine Bucholz, Richard Boyd Barrett, Alan Gibbons, Charlie Kimber, Gareth Pierce, and Kieran Allen.

Full timetable available to download here:

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