Time to organise against eviction threats

Hands Off Our Homes - Leeds

No Housing Benefit for most under-21s; lowering of the overall household benefit cap; big cuts in Discretionary Housing payment budgets; attacks on ESA and disability benefits entitlement. No end in sight to the bedroom tax, to sanctions against JSA and ESA claimants, or to benefit levels and incomes of the low-waged falling ever further behind price inflation. Housing Association forced to sell homes at massive discounts to right-to-buy tenants, with local authorities effectively being forced to foot the bill by selling off council housing stock. We don’t yet know the timescale for all these changes, but we do know that before long we are likely to see a massive upsurge in eviction threats – and that we must be ready to resist them whatever it takes. In the meantime we continue to pressure the council to refuse to pass on these cuts to the city’s poorest residents, and to tell us exactly how they…

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