Defending Jeremy Corbyn and fighting for socialism

Copies of this new pamphlet by Charlie Kimber will be on sale at the meeting

With the Stop the War Coalition (and Momentum to some extent) under unprecedented attack by the corporate media and pro-war politicians (including not only Tories but some right wing Labour MPs) by way of attacking Jeremy Corbyn, we can see how worried the British establishment is that the ideas of anti-imperialists and socialists  might be proving more popular than they feared.

Jeremy Corbyn’s extraordinary victory as Labour leader has given hope to socialists and a renewed sense of confidence. It has boosted everyone on the left. But how can we make the most of this situation?

This meeting will look at the roots of Corbyn’s triumph, put it in the context of Labour’s history over the last hundred years and examine the potential for further successes—and the obstacles in Corbyn’s path.

Leeds SWP are hosting a meeting with speakers from the Labour Party and SWP on ‘Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the fight for socialism’ on Thursday 17 December at 7pm, Leeds Swarthmore Centre to discuss where next for the Corbyn movement.  All welcome.


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