People before Profit Alliance (Ireland) organiser to speak in Leeds

Brian O’Boyle the National Organiser of People before Profit Alliance (Ireland) who have just had 3 socialist MP’s elected in the Irish Republic and 2 MLA’s, Eamonn McCann and Gerry Kelly, elected in Northern Ireland, is to join the platform for a Socialist Workers’ Party rally in Leeds on ‘Is socialism possible?’ on Saturday 21 May. Brian has been at the heart of campaigns which have seen socialists win seats in key working class areas.

The Tories are in crisis on issues from the EU referendum to the result of the Hillsborough enquiry and the Panama Papers.

 The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, resistance by junior doctors and now teachers and the growth of the solidarity movement with refugees shows the possibilities of kicking Cameron out.

 But with years of austerity planned we can’t wait until 2020 to fight and as we saw with the election Syriza in Greece, even if a Labour government was elected to oppose austerity they would face massive opposition from the rich and powerful.

 So is fundamental change still really possible? Can socialism come through parliament? What kind of organisation do we need to win a better world?

The rally with Jo Cardwell & Brian Richardson (SWP), Brian O’Boyle National Organiser People Before Profit Alliance Ireland and striking junior doctor Megan Parsons is on Saturday 21 May at the Swarthmore Education Centre Leeds LS3 1AD. Doors open 3pm for stalls Entry: £3/£1, 4pm start.  •All welcome!

·         A Bookmarks bookstall, campaign stalls, visuals and refreshments will be available from 3pm.

Go to the event page on facebook here and buy your ticket from Eventbrite here.

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