Russia 1917: Workers’ Revolution and the Festival of the Oppressed


Russia 1917: Workers’ Revolution and the Festival of the Oppressed
Leeds SWP Public Rally with speakers including Joseph Choonara
Saturday 25 March, 2pm, Swarthmore Education Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square
LS3 1AD – all welcome

A hundred years ago Russian workers and peasants overthrew the Tsar and went on to run society without bosses. They fought to create a socialist world based on human liberation and genuine democracy. The Russian Revolution was a truly momentous event. It transformed life in Russia and its empire, set off revolts that ended the First World War, and inspired millions across the globe. Women were at the forefront of these events, tearing up the deep-rooted oppression they faced. For the first time they were guaranteed the right to divorce, abortion on demand and the vote. It was both a workers’ revolution and a festival of the oppressed. Although it was ultimately defeated and replaced by Stalin’s dictatorship, its achievements still inspire. On the centenary of these events, come along and discuss what we can learn from them as we fight capitalism, war, oppression and climate change.

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